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Processing & Testing Lead - South

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Overflow Thrift Store
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Overflow Thrift Store is a community effort to care for people in need, locally and globally, through recycling and reselling clean, affordable goods.

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Part Time
Posted Date:
September 6, 2023
Deadline Date:
October 21, 2023
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JOB TITLE: Processing & Testing Lead - South 

REPORTS TO: Sr. Operations Director

TIME COMMITMENT: Part-time (30 hours / week)

Position Summary:  The Processing & Testing Lead will support operations at Overflow Thrift Stores by supporting activities related to inventory management, donations receiving, donor relations, cleanliness and safety of the processing areas, and merchandise sorting, testing, pricing, recycling, and storage.  The Lead assists the Sr. Operations Director to develop guides, processes, procedures needed to support the Processing & Testing department.  Tests small electronics, inflatables, and other items as needed.  The Lead will exhibit a positive attitude in all interactions with customers, staff and volunteers.  Proactively directs Service Associates to assist as needed with Processing & Testing tasks.  The  Lead will collaborate with staff and volunteers to create an environment that is clean, cute, creative and uncluttered.  

All Staff Responsibilities 

  1. Culture

    1. Actively support and live out the Overflow Purpose, Values and Guarantee

    2. Strive to display God’s love to other staff, volunteers, customers, and donors

    3. Demonstrate an ability to thrive in a flexible, fast-paced and growth-oriented environment, while maintaining a positive, solution-oriented attitude

  2. Reliability/Accountability

    1. Follow attendance procedures 

    2. Adhere to Overflow policies and procedures

    3. Show effective productivity in tasks

    4. Work with diligence and focus when clocked in - for example:

      1. refrain from personal cell phone use, eating, personal shopping, and other personal entertainment activities (reading, games, etc.)

      2. complete shift breaks and meal breaks within allotted time (15 minutes / 30 minutes)

      3. be prepared to begin tasks as soon as clocked in (personal items are stored, personal drinks are filled, etc.; i.e., ready to start work when you clock in)

  3. Teamwork/Cooperation

    1. Serve as a positive colleague or team member 

    2. Adapt to daily needs and changing plans 

    3. Establishes productive working relationships

  4. Communication 

    1. Speak and/or write effectively, listen carefully, and clarify information when necessary

    2. Provide accurate and truthful updates to supervisor 

    3. Reflect values in written and verbal communication 

    4. Encounter all stakeholders with kindness

Position Key Responsibilities

  1. Support inventory management operations including deployment of staff and volunteers for daily tasks

    1. Processing & Testing staff collaborate together to act as “leads” during all shifts and are responsible for:

      1. Setting the daily schedule and work priorities for the team (including Service Associates) - assigning staff to tasks (register, receiving, stocking, etc.) and determining schedule for breaks (including meals)

      2. Handling customer concerns and complaints

      3. Handling volunteer concerns and setting volunteer work priorities

      4. Making requests for assistance to Sr. Operations Director or Managing Director when needed

    2. Answer customer questions in a manner consistent with the stores mission and values 

    3. Encounter all stakeholders with kindness

  2. Organize the Processing & Testing areas, in collaboration with Sr. OD and Furniture & Processing Support Manager

    1. Manage inventory process, in collaboration with other team members - receiving, testing, cleaning, storage, sorting, pricing, etc.  

    2. Lead donor relations and assure donors have a positive experience at Overflow

    3. Manage merchandise storage so it is clean, organized, easily accessible and safe

    4. Complete daily checklists and productivity reports

    5. Assist Retail and Furniture & Processing Support Managers to maintain a full inventory level on the sales floor

    6. Support the Retail Manager to proactive rotate merchandise, regularly purging items and assuring product is “fresh”

    7. Complete cleaning tasks; assure the Processing and Testing areas are clean and uncluttered

    8. Provide ideas and support to the Marketing & E-Commerce team to promote Overflow merchandise and increase sales

    9. Collaborate with Retail and Furniture & Processing Support Managers to move merchandise onto the sales floor efficiently and in a manner that maximizes sales opportunity (e.g., moving seasonal items on & off the sales floor) 

    10. Create an environment in the store that promotes customer and staff safety

      1. Keep aisles free from clutter

      2. Assure broken items are removed

  3. Achieve sales goals for South Store

    1. Collaborate with Sr. OD, Furniture Manager and Retail Manager to meet monthly sales goals

  4. Develop and adjust processes for efficiency

    1. Collaborate with Sr. OD on process and facility changes that promote efficiency

    2. Maintain accuracy of department training and pricing guides

  5. Support Retail and Furniture departments and tasks as needed

  6. Serve as an ambassador to OTS volunteers - creating an environment of appreciation for our volunteers while supporting volunteers to achieve the OTS mission 

    1. Collaborate with volunteers on assigned work priorities

    2. Communicate with volunteers with kindness, respect and appreciation

Position Requirements

  1. High School diploma

  2. One to two years years experience in retail environment preferred

  3. Ability to lift 30 pounds and 100 pounds in a team lift occasionally

  4. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with frequent standing, bending, squatting, pulling, and pushing

  5. Ability to work in a non-air-conditioned environment


Overflow is a community effort to care for people in need, locally and globally, through recycling and reselling clean, affordable goods.  


Demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit * Be Servant-Minded * Be Adaptable & Flexible * Empower Creativity * Be Inviting and Responsive


We encounter everyone with kindness and positivity, rooted in Christ’s love for one another.

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125 Kitty Hawk Drive
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James Chidister
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